The lasting effects of a facelift

Apr 16 2014
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FreeDigitalPhotos by Pixomar

FreeDigitalPhotos by Pixomar

When patients visit their plastic surgeon for a San Diego facelift consultation, one of the many questions they often ask is how long their facelift will last.

And this is a very logical question.

The one thing that must be taken into consideration is that although a facelift rejuvenation surgery has been performed, aging will still continue.  The best rule of thumb that a San Diego plastic surgeon can share with their patients is that a full facelift will turn back the clock roughly 7 to 10 years.

It is very rare for patients to request what is called a “revision facelift” before this timeframe.

Likewise, being mindful of a good skin care routine following a facelift is also of great importance.

Under the guidance of their plastic surgeon, some patients may implement a series of chemical peels to keep their skin texture optimal, may utilize a skin rejuvenation technique such as Ultherapy, cosmetic injections, and of course employ a good skin care routine including, a solar defense.

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Ultherapy provides a new lift for facial rejuvenation

Apr 15 2014
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FreeDigitalPhotos by Marin

FreeDigitalPhotos by Marin

In the medical world, ultrasound has been used for a variety of modalities. Recently, the FDA approved the nonsurgical facial lifting procedure, Ultherapy®. Specifically, it helps lift and tone particular areas of the face including the brows, neck, and jaw line.

San Diego plastic surgeons have added Ultherapy® to their list of facial rejuvenation procedures.

This ultrasound technology offers a subtle pathway to more youthful looking skin. The system penetrates and affects the SMAS, the fibrous connective tissue in the facial area. Notably, the SMAS layer is what is trimmed, tightened, and re-draped during a mini or full facelift procedure.

Utilizing skin layer imaging, the Ultherapy® procedure delivers heat to the SMAS, which in turn, is suggested to promote collagen and elastin during the healing process following a treatment. Ultherapy® is considered “natural skin tightening,” because the patient’s own physical response is doing the healing following the non-operative procedure.

Plastic surgeons who perform Ultherapy® skin rejuvenation in San Diego believe it offers a specific niche for some patients. These patients fall into the category of those who are familiar with cosmetic injections such a Botox® and Juvederm®.

Likewise, they are typically in their forties and early fifties. These patients are not quite ready for surgical intervention and are finding Ultherapy® and other nonsurgical modalities fantastic options.

This ultrasound technology treatment typically takes under 90 minutes to perform. And no downtime is required.

Since Ultherapy® is based on “natural skin tightening,” patients may continue to see facial improvements six months or more after treatment.

Short-term and mild side-effects generally include:

  • Slight bruising
  • Mild swelling
  • Skin tingling

Since aging is an ongoing process, patients may decide that they need Ultherapy® touch-up treatments.

Discussing these options, as well as individualized aesthetic goals, help establish good communication between patients and their plastic surgeon.

Why tummy tucks should not be confused with a weight loss method

Apr 11 2014
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FreeDigitalPhotos by ImageryMajestic

FreeDigitalPhotos by ImageryMajestic

Over time, tummy tuck procedures have grown widely popular with both men and women.  For women, after their childbearing years, this procedure can remove excess skin and tighten their abdominal muscles.

While San Diego tummy tucks continue to be a cosmetic procedure high on the list, surgeons often get asked about weight loss after the procedure.

Most San Diego plastic surgeons will tell potential candidates who seek a consultation for a tummy tuck that it is not a modality for weight loss.

While some may lose a bit of weight following surgery, patients may notice an increase in weight due to intraoperative fluid retention.  But this weight gain generally disappears a few days or more after surgery.

The important thing to keep in mind is the type of ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery which includes:

*Adult men and women already partaking in a healthy and active lifestyle who are unable to decrease fat deposits or excess skin

*Mothers whose abdominal area cannot be restored to her pre-pregnancy days

*Adult men and women who have redundant skin and a loss of skin elasticity

While cosmetic surgeons encourage patients not to think of tummy tucks as a weight loss pathway, there are times where they may be a drop with the scale numbers.

Yet again, this is all dependent on the individual patient in regard to the removal of skin as opposed to subcutaneous fat.

For those with a low body mass index (BMI), they will not see much of a weight loss following the procedure. However, for those with a BMI over 30, they may drop 7 to 10 pounds.

And if liposuction is performed during the tummy tuck, this is also another consideration, as well.

While weight loss should never be the focus of a tummy tuck, those who get one are delighted with their flatter abdomen, slimmer waistline, and overall better looking silhouette.

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Pain management following a tummy tuck procedure

Apr 08 2014
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FreeDigitalPhotos by StockImages

FreeDigitalPhotos by StockImages

It’s normal for people who are considering an abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, to be concerned about pain management following the surgery. Some might hear from friends or other family members who have gone through the procedure that the postoperative discomfort was quite significant, even with oral pain medication.

The good news is that over the years, pain management has become more progressive which means patients have been able to benefit from less postoperative aches and pains.

San Diego tummy tucks are a popular surgery, so it’s important for La Jolla plastic surgeons and those in the immediate surrounding areas, to educate their patients on the options available regarding postoperative pain management.

Cosmetic surgeons don’t want their patients to be in unnecessary discomfort, especially in the early postoperative period of an abdominoplasty.

Following surgery, when patients are ready, the goal is to have them on their feet and ambulatory, even if it’s just a few steps, the day after surgery.

Here are three options to discuss with your plastic surgeon, all which are done under general anesthesia:

  1. Local Anesthetic Pump:  Delivered by means of a catheter, local anesthesia is sent to the surgical site to where the muscles were stitched or brought together.  These pumps and tubes remain for a few days and tiny amounts of anesthesia are delivered on an ongoing basis.
  2. TAP Block: A TAP block delivers local anesthesia into the abdominal wall muscles and can be executed either on the field during the surgery or immediately afterwards.  A TAP block, anesthetizes the intercostal nerves that supply the abdominal wall.  A TAP block can be used with conventional local anesthesia which lasts four hours, or a longer lasting anesthesia called Exparel, which lasts up to three days.
  3. One-Stick:  Immediately prior to the induction of anesthesia, is to perform a one-stick spinal anesthetic, using a long-lasting opiate. This provides excellent pain control for roughly 18 hours after surgery.  It’s important for patients to realize that the one-stick offers less intraoperative pain so less general anesthesia is used.  This means when a patient awakens, there is less nausea, they wake up more lucid and in less pain.  With the one-stick, more times than not, patients ambulate more rapidly, sometimes that very evening or the very next morning.  And long after the spinal blocker has worn off some patients still require less pain meds.  Theoretically, this is due to how the pain path is set up prior to surgery.  However, the one-stick does mandate that the patient spends one night in the hospital.

The methods of pain management in regards to cosmetic procedures, particularly with tummy tucks, have advanced dramatically over time.  It also empowers patients to educate themselves on what method is best along with the guidance from their plastic surgeon.

While cosmetic surgery is considered a journey, it is also one that can be easily managed when it comes to minimizing discomfort.

How a support system is a comfort while undergoing breast reconstruction

Apr 04 2014
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FreeDigitalPhotos by Marin

FreeDigitalPhotos by Marin

Over the years, numerous advances in science and in the operating room have taken place with breast reconstruction for women who have lost one or both breasts due to breast cancer.

While the educational skills of breast reconstruction procedures in San Diego are considered quite progressive, these multifaceted techniques require patience, and with it, a genuine support system among a medical team, family and friends.

Every patient is different as well as their specific need for breast reconstruction.  This means their reconstruction may differ in terms of the type they will have and how long it will actually take.  Depending on the cancer treatments needed and the reconstruction pursued, it may take six months or even up to two years or more. It varies that much.

For many reconstructive surgeons in San Diego specializing in breast reconstruction, they encourage their patients to think of the process as a blend of realism and persistence.  While it is a journey fueled with emotion, this is where a support system is of great benefit.

There are various modalities when it comes to breast reconstruction.  One may be a better option for one patient than another.  There are always alternatives.

Having timelines to focus on and reaching those milestones throughout the reconstruction phase offers a superb feeling of accomplishment.  And these milestones are extremely important to have, because the process may be met with some “ups and downs” along the way.

One misconception that patients sometimes have in their initial consultation is that breast reconstruction is similar to breast augmentation.

The two surgeries are quite different.

In instances such as this, a surgeon must be very cautious in guiding the patient in explaining how they are not augmenting the breast, but actually rebuilding it.

It’s the goal of the surgeon to be candid and clear up any misunderstanding.

Many reconstruction surgeons wholeheartedly agree that breast reconstruction procedures is rewarding work.  Yet, through it all, they want patients to realize that they are not alone.

When a patient knows they have the support of their family, friends, and their medical team with them on the reconstruction road, it will be a little easier to endure.

A Product Highlight Sneak Preview

Apr 02 2014
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Beat The Rush (2)

User of “Beat The Rush” after eight weeks — courtesy photo from MyBody

Dr. Bolitho, a regarded La Jolla plastic surgeon, is also known for his non-operative skin rejuvenation in San Diego.

While cosmetic injections, Ultherapy, and chemical peels add a youthful glow and lift, finding the right daily skin care regimen for your skin care type will only enhance the skin rejuvenation techniques you are receiving.

Dr. Bolitho’s skin savvy team will introduce you to their elite prescription skin care line-up.  Their inventory is results-driven.

When perusing Dr. Bolitho’s website, you’ll notice he carries MyBody.  And one of its newest additions in this line is “Beat The Rush,” offering patients a relief from skin redness.

While it diminishes inflammation and redness, it helps reestablish thin, aging skin.

Users of this non-steriodal topical have seen skin benefits in the following areas in about eight weeks:

  • Lesser appearance of vascular redness
  • Smaller pore size
  • Better skin texture and tone
  • Lesser appearance of fine lines

Before considering this new MyBody product, remember the importance of seeking a consultation with skin care experts.

Especially living in the southern California, underneath the warm sunshine, Dr. Bolitho and his team will help implement a skin care regimen which includes an optimal solar defense and anti-aging regimen to keep you looking your best and help ward off premature skin damage.

Liquid facelifts provide a youthful surge

Mar 29 2014
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Woman Spa by Marin

A new era in science has made it possible for people who are not quite ready for cosmetic surgery to embark into the world of cosmetic injections.  Although they do not have the same effects as surgical intervention, the improvements can be quite significant.

Over time, sun exposure without a solar defense can promote premature skin damage.  Collagen production may begin to slow down, and with this, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear.

The facial aging process typically originates with wrinkles around the eyes, frown lines along the forehead, loss of volume in the cheeks, and lines around the mouth.

The good news is that different types of cosmetic injections, otherwise considered liquid facelifts, can address these areas to help defy the aging process.  And San Diego plastic surgeons have really perfected the art of these injections to help smooth out wrinkles and add volume for a boost of youth.

Beginning at the forehead, the one product which continues to offer exceptional results to remove wrinkles for the upper half of the face including the forehead and around the eyes is Botox®.  Botulinum toxin, the main ingredient in Botox®, encourages muscles not to contract which helps erase wrinkles for up to a few months.  Some patients note how the results last longer.

In regards to fillers, it’s recommended for patients to only consider re-absorbable fillers to temporarily treat moderate to severe lines.  It’s highly suggested and urged to stay away from permanent fillers.

Very new to the market to treat the mid portion of the face is the first hyaluronic acid re-absorbable filler which has been FDA approved, JUVÉDERM Voluma™.  This injectable gel adds subtle volume to the cheek area.  Voluma™ is a longer acting hyaluronic acid product and offers immediate results.

As people age, their cheeks collapse and drift down towards the jowl area.  By augmenting the cheek, from an oblique view, there is a nice convexity after a Voluma™ treatment.  Additionally, it may also improve nasolabial folds.  Typically, the results from Voluma cosmetic injections will last up to two years.

For those only wanting to treat nasolabial folds, once again, a hyaluronic acid re-absorbable filler is highly suggested, such as JUVÉDERM.  This treatment, which lasts up to a year, plumps out the lines located around the nose and mouth.

Cosmetic injections play an important role for skin rejuvenation in San Diego.  While it is minimally invasive, it unveils more aesthetic goals with little to no downtime.

How To Find The Right Sunless Tanner And Tinted Skin Care Product

Mar 21 2014
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By Imagerymajestic

By Imagerymajestic

While basking in the sun can give us a lovely tan, it is the number one cause of premature skin damage.

Unprotected sun exposure will spur fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots.  And that’s the last thing we want.

While spring is here and fashions call for more bare skin, there are quality sunless tanners which offer a superior bronzy hue.

Finding the right sunless tanner, tinted sunscreen, or even tinted moisturizer takes time and research.

Along the sunny California coast, many depend on plastic surgeons in San Diego who know about skin structure and how to care for it.

Dr. Glynn Bolitho, a La Jolla plastic surgeon, offers an elite skin care inventory as well as a non-operative menu of skin rejuvenation in San Diego.

Leaning on the knowledge of medical professionals offers us all exceptional help for our skin care needs.  They also have access to products which are prescription strength and results-driven.

In the meantime, here are some guidelines to help in your search for the right tinted products:

  • Find a product with SPF protection of 15 or higher
  • Find paraben-free and natural products
  • Research non-comedogenic products which help to not clog pores
  • Find a product with hydrating ingredients

Particularly with sunless tanners, there are ones specifically for the face and others for the body.  Be certain to follow those instructions since those for the body are too harsh for the face.

Tinted products have come a long way in terms of giving users a natural bronzy glow.  We can all have a sun-kissed look without sacrificing the safety of our skin.

Dr. Bolitho Introduces JUVÉDERM Voluma™ To Patients

Mar 18 2014
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Courtesy Photo Nutrilys Del Mar

Courtesy Photo Nutrilys Del Mar

Skin rejuvenation in San Diego remains one of the most popular treatments along the coastline.

And patients ranging from their thirties, forties, and fifties are welcoming cosmetic injections because of the non-surgical benefits they offer.

New on the roster is JUVÉDERM Voluma™. 

Dr. Glynn Bolitho, a leading La Jolla plastic surgeon, recently introduced it to his practice and is delighted that he did.  The results have been outstanding.

“As people age, their cheeks collapse and drift down towards the jowl area,” Dr. Bolitho says.  “By augmenting the cheeks, from an oblique view, there is a nice convexity after this cosmetic treatment.”

While there is a subtle improvement to the cheek area, enhancement is also made with the nasolabial folds.

Like other JUVÉDERM products, Voluma™ is a hyaluronic acid re-absorbable filler. While  JUVÉDERM treats nasolabial folds and lasts a year, the effects of Voluma™ may continue for up to two years.  

Although quite new to the market, both plastic surgeons and patients are delighted with how the mid portion of the face is responding to JUVÉDERM Voluma™.  This FDA approved injectable gel is offering immediate results with little to no downtime.

Cosmetic injections are playing a valuable role in facial rejuvenation and aesthetics.  It’s unveiling a more youthful beauty without the need for surgical intervention.

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How to avoid spring season acne

Mar 17 2014
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By Adamr - Free Digital Photos

By Adamr – Free Digital Photos

Springtime is upon us which means that acne breakouts may follow for those who are more prone to it.

With the warmer outdoor weather, many are retreating outdoors for exercise and sports.

While conditioning is fantastic for our bodies, this may also result in breakouts.  As temperatures rise outside, oil production multiplies on our skin.

When sebaceous glands start to generate oil the likelihood of acne could very well be a consequence.

For those who live in the La Jolla area of Southern California, one place to lean on for skin care health is a San Diego plastic surgeon.  And if they are seeking non-operative skin rejuvenation in San Diego, they often turn to Dr. Glynn Bolitho for his treatments and elite product selections to help nourish their skin.

Here are some spring tips from Dr. Bolitho and his skin savvy team to help keep your skin healthy and acne-free:

  • Begin a morning and evening skin care regimen – consult with a medical skin care professional on the right regimen for your skin type
  • Keep a skin care journal
  • Follow-up with your skin care professional if your skin becomes too sensitive with the products, as you might need to scale back on the applications
  • Implement a series of chemical peel treatments with highly trained medical professionals who use top products
  • When outdoors, always wear an oil-free sunscreen
  • And if facial sweating occurs when outdoors, wash your face as soon as possible to avoid breakouts
  • When wearing makeup, find a non-comedogenic makeup, such as a high-quality mineral makeup

While the season of spring is known for a time of renewal, it can be our time for skin renewal.